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Czech Switzerland is said to be a marvellous island of virgin nature in the heart of Europe. This area in Northern Bohemia, located halfway between Dresden and Prague, was declared a National Park on 1 January 2000. Numerous marked tourist trails that connect unique sights with spots of natural beauty and quantity of cosy and quite inexpensive hotels and boarding houses lure more and more visitors to this area, mostly people anxious to escape the city noise, and people looking for quiet and rest.

The Elbe River canyon, the biggest sandstone canyon in Europe, and the sandstone rocks in particular have many of their own admirers. The sandstone, which dominates the area and creates hundred-meter-high stones, was often used, due to its malleability, in baroque architecture. Thanks to the rough and porous surface - your hands seem to stick to the stone - and thanks to the cracks created by wind and rain, a special variety of climbing sprang into being - climbing without any equipment.

The green depth of the surrounding forests amplifies the majesty of the rocks. When you look at the rocks from the valleys, which are interlaced with the streams of wild rivers, you can see huge slabs of sandstone piled up one above the other, as though it were an immense giant's hand. In some places the slabs seem to be rounded off, elsewhere they are toothed: Thus they look like a fortress' towers. Often the rocks remind us of fairy-tale characters, as they resemble human or animal faces.

We recommend that you choose Czech Switzerland as the destination of your next trip, and we are sure that you will return to this fantastic place time and time again.

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