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Welcome to Prague !

The capital of medieval Europe, the "Mother of cities", a city of culture: These are just a few of the descriptions given to Prague, this remarkable city in the heart of Europe. Prague boasts the distinction of being a privileged place, ranked among the most important and interesting European cities. Hundreds of years of history attack your senses when you walk through its lanes, trying to capture its essence and fascinated with its mixture of architectural styles: austere Romanesque, mystic gothic, ornate baroque and decorative forms of Art Nouveau, which seem to be floating in the air. Cultural life has never missed Prague, in particular; Prague has always been a center of culture. Numerous famous personalities have visited or lived in Prague and they adored this city for the world of thought and inspiration that the city offered them. Prague has not been touched by the fast-paced lifestyle and numerous changes in modern Europe. Walking through romantic lanes and corners you move from one century to another, perceiving and absorbing different epochs.

Prague is an unbelievably free and comfortable city. It is not as big as most European metropolises and thus, the main tourist attractions are within easy reach. The variety is extensive and the prices remain low. Tourists are always welcome here: They can enjoy the atmosphere of small cafes and restaurants, and in cozy hotels and small pensions they can feel at home.

We recommend visitors to come to Prague if you haven't already been there. You will always remember your stay and this unique city will occupy a special place in the list of the places you've visited. In case you have already been to Prague and want to come here again, you already know what we are talking about.

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